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Because you are my friend,
I know that I can count on you
to hold my hand
through the rough times
and to be there
to share the good times, too.

Because you are my friend,
I'll always have someone
to make me smile;
just when I need it most,
to encourage me when I'm feeling
confused or doubtful.

Because you are my love,
I know the joy that comes from
feeling closer to someone
than I've ever felt before.

Because you are my love,
I know the passion of wanting
to share everything I have,
everything I am with you
and only you.

And I know that I must be
one of the luckiest people
in the world
to have someone like you-
the perfect love,
the perfect friend.


Bob and I met during one of my statistics classes at the University of Florida in January 2005. Well, we actually didn't exactly "meet", as we discovered on a messaging site, that we were both taking the same course (and actually another statistics course one term earlier). Shortly after getting in contact, we met after one of the classes. And a couple of days later, well - we both fell in love.

We are now in our fourth year together and we had quite some tough times to go through. After the spring term of 2005, I first went to Germany to be the best man on my brothers wedding. After a short stop in Gainesville, I went to Japan for 3 months. While I was away, Bob had to move to Phoenix to start his new job - a great opportunity for him. Up until December 2007, we lived and loved in a long-distance relationship - which was sometimes nearly unbearable. Our patience and communication skills were sometimes overstretched and we really tried to see each other at least every 2-3 weeks.

In 2008, we moved together after I accepted a position as a research associate with the University of Arizona in Tucson. Later that year we relocated back to the Phoenix metro area after a new position at the University of Florida became available for me. We now live in a house together with our cat Rainer. Bob has been very patient and a great support for me - thanks so much to you for being there!

Since April 22nd 2006, the most important man in my life - my loving, caring, and adorable partner Bob - and I are engaged. We renewed our engagement Christmas 2013 when I proposed back to him but have not yet made the big announcement to get married - but we hope that it will be coming soon.

On January 14th 2015, Bob and I finally made it official and tied the knot - on our 10th-year anniversary. We celebrated with our family and friends at our home - it was quite nice and intimate without some of the big celebratory wedding stress. We had the ceremony and then all sat down to share some yummy BBQ followed by Bob and me lovingly smashing cupcakes into each others face. A great start to 2015!


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